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How Pet Food Made from Real Ingredients Helps Your Pet

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  • 28 April 2017
  • Pet Wants

Having a dog or cat is a very special experience. Since these animals give so much love, being able to take great care of them feels really good. There are a few different elements of taking great care of your pet. One is finding a vet that you feel good about and then keeping up with routine checkups. Another is helping your pet get plenty of exercise. Whether it’s going on a walk with your dog or using a laser pointer to play with your cat, exercise provides the perfect way to bond with your pet while also supporting good health.

The pet food you give your pet also has a significant impact on its health and well-being. When your pet is eating nutritious food every day, it’s going to feel great. Unfortunately, many of the biggest brands of pet food fall short in terms of nutrition. Providing a solution to these shortcomings is what Pet Wants is all about. Our slow-cooked, small-batch  pet food is packed with nutrition. By only using real ingredients in all of our pet foods, we’re able to provide your pet with benefits that foods which rely on lots of fillers simply can’t. Notable benefits of pet food made from real ingredients include:

Healthy Coat and Skin

When it comes to keeping a pet’s coat and skin healthy, B vitamins, zinc and fatty acids are all essential. With any of our fresh food, your pet will be able to get the right balance of these nutrients on a daily basis. We also have several all-natural care products like our skin spray for dogs.

Plenty of Energy

Animals that aren’t getting enough nutrients because the majority of their calories are coming from filler ingredients are not going to feel great. This can result in a pet acting more lethargic instead of its usual playful self. By choosing fresh pet food that’s made from real ingredients, you can give your pet what it needs to enjoy lots of fun and happy days.

Food Allergy Reduction

If you ever notice that your pet starts scratching far more than normal, there’s a good chance it’s due to allergies. These allergies may stem from one or more environmental factors. But it’s also quite common for pets to experience food allergies. In fact, some of the most common filler ingredients used in big brand pet foods are allergy triggers. Opting for a food that uses real ingredients instead of relying on fillers can noticeably reduce or even completely eliminate allergy symptoms.

Optimal Weight

Pet obesity has become a very real problem throughout the United States. Just as junk food makes it difficult for humans to maintain a healthy waistline, food with lots of fillers has the same effect on pets. Not only is every blend of our food optimized to help pets maintain their ideal weight, but we also offer less active dog and lean cat food blends.

For more information on pet nutrition or to try one of our formulas, please contact Pet Wants Indy at: 317-693-0319.