Fresh is the difference

Fresh is the difference
  • 23 April 2018
  • tharris

Did you know that dry pet food loses nearly 10% of its vitamin effectiveness each month that it sits on the shelf? For some pet foods, it could be six months from the time it is made to the time you take home – which means it has a lost a great deal of its nutritional value.

That’s the reason we make our food fresh every month and deliver it to your door. We realize that making sure your pet gets maximum nutrition is literally a race against time.

It’s also why we sell our food by the pound so that you can buy just what your pet eats each month. And if you set up a subscription order, you will receive a fresh batch every four weeks automatically.

With Pet Wants you can be assured that we are adhering to the highest standards of pet nutrition. We use no corn, wheat or soy. All ingredients are carefully sourced from the United States with the exception of Salmon which is ocean fished and lamb that comes from New Zealand.  And all our food is cooked in small batches at low temperature to maintain the vitamins and nutrition contained inside those ingredients.

Fresher is better.  See the difference for yourself in your pet’s energy level as well as their skin and coat.