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Pet Wants Indy and the Benefits of Shopping Local

Indy Skyline
  • 28 April 2017
  • Pet Wants

Pet Wants Indy is truly a family business. We’re also a business that’s invested and tied to the Indianapolis community. In bringing Pet Wants to the Indianapolis area, we’re excited to teach the community about pet nutrition and help provide a healthier life for all pets.  Our high quality pet food is made by slow-cooking small batches every month and then delivered directly to our customers, and being part of the community is something that’s very important to us. With that in mind, we want to highlight five benefits that shopping local can provide to every member of the Indy community:

1. Help Define the Community

Indianapolis is a special place to call home. A big part of what makes it so special is the great people who are here. Many of these people have helped shape what Indy is today by running businesses. By supporting these businesses through local shopping, you can help to continue building Indy’s unique character.

2. Support for Local Indy Causes

Over the last few years, more businesses than ever have realized the importance of giving back. The only downside to this type of giving by huge corporations is much of it centers around just a few causes. Since there are plenty of very worthy but small causes that need support throughout the Indy area, local businesses are far more likely to take the initiative to help.

3. Benefits the Environment

It’s no secret that modern life is taking a significant toll on the environment. Even though it can seem like this too big of an issue to solve, small decisions really can have a significant impact. By shopping local, you can reduce the amount of transportation that’s needed for goods. Since that type of transportation is a major contributor to environmental stress, making local purchases is a simple but effective way to do your part.

4. More Opportunities for Local Jobs

Another issue that can seem overwhelmingly big at times is the economy. Even though there are plenty of issues that are out of our hands, we can directly influence the local Indy economy. What goes around really does come around, which means that spending your dollars with local businesses will allow them to be reinvested in the community through things like new job creation.

5. Empowers Consumers

When just a few businesses end up dominating commerce, consumers are the ones who ultimately get hurt. Shopping with a diverse selection of local merchants is a great way to encourage healthy competition and ensure that you always have the best selection to choose from.

Whether you’re another local Indy business owner or are organizing a community activity, if you’d like to talk about any type of local partnership with us, you can always give us a call at (317) 693-0319.

For more information on pet nutrition or to try one of our formulas, please visit