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Shake off the winter- 3 Quick Spring 2018 dog care tips

  • 14 April 2018
  • tharris

It sure felt like a long winter, so get out there with your pets and enjoy! But, before you hit the door here are 3 quick tips.

Keep off the grass

Planning on greening up that lawn after a long winter? Keep your furry friends off the grass and away from any treated areas for at least 24 hours or opt for pet-safe products.
Going organic? Still stick with a 24 hour window, that fresh manure scent may be too tempting for your pup to resist.


Meet the branch manager

Sticks can be a tempting toy, but they can easily cause injury to your dog’s mouth or throat. If you have a friend that likes to chew, consider a natural chew like a bully stick. If they’re a chaser, find a durable ball that’s easy to take anywhere for a quick fetch game.


Pesky Pests

Stock up on our flea, mosquito and tick spray. It’s a dog and child safe alternative to chemicals, with 100% natural essential oils. (But not safe for cats, so please keep off the kitties!)



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